Topic: OpenWRT on D-link DSL-504T


Several days ago I decide to install openwrt on my DSL-504T.

I have read all the installation instructions for the AR7 port but during two days i can't connect to my modem via ADAM2 because i can't catch it.

After that i sniff firmware upgrading proces via wireshark and find out that instruction is not correct and real ADAM2 IP

Ok. I get this problem. Takong wiki instruction step by step I have put firmware. But it can't boot after that. If I reinstall standart firmware from d-link - it works great. No one from 8.09 RC1, RC2 or x-wrt rc1 for AR7 can't boot. It stops on adam2.

What I'm wrong?

P.s. English is not my native language wink

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Re: OpenWRT on D-link DSL-504T

Yes, the ADAM2 FTP window can be a major pain to catch.

I suggest installing a serial console.  My favorite method is a USB to 3.3V TTL adapter and a 3.5mm phono jack.