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Topic: Linksys WRT54GL - NVRAM reset

So I have WRT54GL v1.1 an flashed with whiteRusian 0.9 - so far so good.
I have the following question. Will pressing the reset button (at the back of the router) during bootloader running will brick the router.
As I know pressing the reset during bootloader is not recommended because this will erase the NVRAM and the bootloader will NOT write ANY default value into it and the boot_wait will be "off"

But I found this page

and here it says "Just so that you know. You do not need the Boot_wait option on to successfully install OpenWrt using tftp. It does make it easier but it's not necessary. The trick is to press the reset button and timing. Run the ftp client, power up the WRT54GL router and hit the reset button. If that doesn't work the first time, try again, but it does work."

So my question is - if something gets wrong with the router (i.e. the NVRAM gets corrupted) and the bootloader does not wait before starting the load of the firmware can I "repair" it by using the tftp and "nice" timing by pressing the reset button during the power up (i.e. during the bootloader). Also pressing the reset during the bootloader will it restore the default NVRAM for this model (WRT54GL v1.1)

I know that i can change the bootloader (the CFE - http://wiki.openwrt.org/OpenWrtDocs/Cus … mware/CFE) but it looks a little risky for me.

Thanks in advise