Topic: wrt300n V1 serial port and wireless driver

I hope I can help out a few people with the information that I found over the last day or two...

Running Kamakazi 7.09...

I messed up my wrt300n to the point where I couldn't ping it, etc.  It appeared to boot, flashing power led for a bit, once booted the LED was solid on.  Don't know if this assumption is 100%, but I went with it anyways.

So I decided to open the case an probe around.

Here's what I found for the serial port:

Connector JP2, which is located behind the WAN (blue) port.

Pinout as follows (left to right):

GND    ???    RXD   TXD   VCC  (I'm assuming that the ??? is the flow-control pin from the router).

You'll need a level-shifter (MAX232 or equiv) to connect to a standard serial port.

Settings: 115200 8-n-1

Turns out I messed up the config/network file and the lan driver didn't initialize.  Easy enough to fix as it booted into the shell.

I set off to figure out how to start up the wireless side.

Looking through the wiki, I found that the Asus WL-500W has the same wireless chipset.  ( … sus/WL500W)

So I decided to follow the docs and see what happens.  I left the network settings alone and created the config/wireless file.

I then updated and installed the wireless mimo driver:

ipkg update
ipkg install kmod-brcm-wl-mimo

And Viola!  I have a wireless AP once again (limited to 54Mbps, of course).

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Re: wrt300n V1 serial port and wireless driver

Thanks a lot! This post helped me out with same problem.
Another good wireless serial reference is