Topic: openvpn --enable-password-save

I have just tried the openvpn on kamikaze.  I am hitting a problem.
I believe it is because somehow my script and usage requires
compilation 'configure' to turn on --enable-password-save, ie read username/password from file.

Wonder if someone could have the ipkg packages updated to
include that compile option ? Or otherwise I will have to get into
the BIG motion of compiling openvpn from source ...... :-(

Best regards.

Re: openvpn --enable-password-save

I did not even get the package info from the kamikaze distribution.
When I check the package directory, there is no openvpn there.


Re: openvpn --enable-password-save


in the package-directory of the kamikaze-tree are only some basic packages for the core-system.
you should look into the package repository

and for building kamikaze, look in this tread:

but if you only want to recompile one package, than you can use the SDK for your kamikaze-version and platform (under downloads)

or you use certificates in openvpn, which would be more secure, and you wouldn´t need to recompile the openvpn-package at all  smile