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Topic: Samba 3 (4)

Is any plans to change current version samba to 3 (or 4 wink ) for UTF-8 support?

National lang support (Russian for example) present but KOI8-R (for Russian) is not ideal solution now.

PS. Is it possible to find FTP server for OpenWRT with full UTF-8 support?

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Re: Samba 3 (4)

have you tried NFS? Maybe it has UTF-8 support.

Use "Windows Services for Linux" (yes, linux from microsoft big_smile) to mount them in Windows, but first check the UTF comaptibility

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Re: Samba 3 (4)

Ovydake wrote:

have you tried NFS?

Thanks! (may be some problem - one of clients is windows 98se).

Let continue: Wanted any information about UTF-8 networking.

Re: Samba 3 (4)

Windows Services for Linux works only in winxp professional or server 2003
So, sorry I can't help you.

Re: Samba 3 (4)

You could try to use the Samba 3 from the Unslung Optware packages, at least the Version from the Wl500g-feed works fine for me (http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/optwa … mipsel.ipk) on a Wl-500gP, and supports unicode. Though you might need swap.
Just add the feed as a repository to your ipkg, and install it.  Note though it doesn't come with an smb.conf and installs itself into /opt/, not /.

Re: Samba 3 (4)

KanjiMonster wrote:

You could try to use the Samba 3 from the Unslung Optware packages...

samba 2.0.10 (OpenWRT)  0.5M
samba 2.2.12 (Optware)    7.3M sad
samba 3.0.14 (Optware)    60M !!!
nfs                (OpenWRT)  0.2M
any ftp          (OpenWRT)<0.1M

Is nfs or some FTP in OpenWRT support UTF-8?