Topic: Buttons in Kami 7.07 on WL-500gP

kmod-diag - 1+2.6.22-brcm47xx-1 - Driver for router LEDs and Buttons

But if I press any (EZsetup or Restore) button - ssh session fails and IMHO device reboots.  Is any way to use buttons for interactive scripting on this hardware?

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Re: Buttons in Kami 7.07 on WL-500gP

The buttons and many other things are unstable or do not work with a 2.6 Kernel. If you simply press any button tested on a Fonera on a WL-500G Deluxe and a WL-500G Premium the system halts (checked with a serial console). That's it. Said many time to the core developers but it seems the brcm47xx-2.6 target has more other important things to fix first.

I'm back to use a 2.4 Kernel and the buttons do work perfectly...

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Re: Buttons in Kami 7.07 on WL-500gP

forum2006 Ok. Let wait for stable kernel 2.6