Topic: Kamikaze without webinterface?


I upgraded from Kamikaze to WhiteRussian 7.07 the other day. There was a point when the web interface was not responding anymore; also not giving me a status about the upgrade.
After a reboot I can telnet to my WRT54GL, but can't access it via the webinterface. I get a 404 not found error.
Netstat -a tells me that a webserver is running on port 80.
My wired access is working fine (didn't test wireless yet)

Sorry if this is a basic question, but where is my gui? Can I upgrade/reflash via the command line as well?


Re: Kamikaze without webinterface?

Kamikaze does not come with a web interface.  httpd is installed and running by default; installed because it is built into busybox, running because currently it is not possible to build packages into an image without being enabled by default.

The X-Wrt team does produce webif^2 for both White Russian and Kamikaze.  The Kamikaze version is not complete but appears to be complete enough for most people that require a web interface.  Everything possible with the web interface can be done via the command line, the web interface is just a front end.

The documentation on methods of installing White Russian is still applicable for Broadcom boards in Kamikaze.  That page will explains what methods you can use to install/upgrade OpenWrt.

Re: Kamikaze without webinterface?

You also can download an image from here: if you are using a pre-compiled image.