Topic: Social OpenWrt-It

Dear All

Due to work I'll be visiting San Francisco and the Bay Area from the 11th until the 21th of October (this year). I have some weekend days which are free and this made me think: Why not ask around if some of the members/users of OpenWrt would like to meet for some social R&R.

It would be fun to grab the chance and get-together for an OpenWrt-It/Hack-day together with who's interested - the only problem is that I have no idea about a good place to meet (would probably be nice if there was: Net, electricity and a roof to keep potential rain away)?

I would like to suggest that this could take place on saturday the 13th of October - and I would be really happy if some of the locals could suggest a place (please help me)?

If somebody has a private "basement-project" or an idea to present and/or discuss would just make it even more fun.


PS. Feel free to send me an email in regard to this subject :-)

Re: Social OpenWrt-It

I'm still visiting the Bay Area - and I'm still wondering if some of the OpenWrt users/developers living in the area are interested in meeting (somewhere in the area) and spending a few social hours in company with each other?

I'm more than willing to tell a few tales, if someone wants to listen :-)