Topic: Where has this white russian thing come from?

Sorry for being a total noob, came back from holiday today and the internet doesn't work anymore, did the whole this and the interface is this white russian thing, I don't understand where it has come from as the old interface looked like this ( … Screen.jpg).

Anyway I tried using this new interface to re-setup the network but that isn't working, is there anyway I can remove this white russian thing and get the old defualt lynksis interface back? It may not be realted but when I try hold down the reset button nothing happens where it did before.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Where has this white russian thing come from?

Hehe, are you sure you're actually connected to your own router? Connect to it using a cable and disable your wireless card to make sure. If you are, then someone has probably taken over your non-encrypted, default-passworded router (in other words - you had it coming!) and installed OpenWRT on it - good for you!

But if you want to reset your router (we assume this is actually *your* router) back to the original state you have to flash over the original firmware, which you can download from (look under "downloads" and locate your model number).

Re: Where has this white russian thing come from?

Cheers mate, i'll do that

It is my router, I physically connected it to my laptop with wireless off, it was an encrypted network when I left for easter hols but I live with 3 housemates at uni and one of them probably reset it because they never write down the passkeys which i've taped to the tv!

Anyway thanks for the help