2,401 Build OpenWRT with Travis CI

by matepeter

2,402 3G support

by sophisticated1

2,404 LuCI Package Inclusion

by JohnV

2,409 Openwrt boot process not completed

by sophisticated1

2,412 Shell script long command execution

by sophisticated1

2,418 Cross-compile tor fails

by pdev

2,419 OpenWRT hangs !

by sophisticated1

2,420 PHP5 compile error

by Bandesz

2,422 trunk - dnsmasq enable ipset

by countcobolt

2,424 lost LUCI for trunk

by daaulinh

2,425 [solved] nbd git down?

by peteruithoven

2,427 Makefile

by vtk

2,429 Atheros and XR support

by vtk