2,371 Porting XSDE on to OpenWrt

by openwrt_guy

2,375 ELF compared to GNU

by greenapple

2,376 toolchain in vain

by greenapple

2,381 Luci theme selection in OPENWRT

by jjoepaulines

2,387 eglibc build problem

by whoisterencelee

2,388 Package for luvit

by agusti

2,390 Developer but new to OpenWrt

by greenapple

2,393 software architecture of openwrt

by futurezeng

2,394 Convert kmods into static kernel

by alphasparc

2,396 D-link 2640U/NRU/C4 OpenWRT

by timuris1

2,398 Make package of Samba 4.0.9

by g.jancys

2,399 ruby-openssl

by laisbarreto04