2,342 Developer but new to OpenWrt

by greenapple

2,345 software architecture of openwrt

by futurezeng

2,346 Convert kmods into static kernel

by alphasparc

2,348 D-link 2640U/NRU/C4 OpenWRT

by timuris1

2,350 Make package of Samba 4.0.9

by g.jancys

2,351 ruby-openssl

by laisbarreto04

2,358 LuCI dependence options

by Skyline

2,361 device.dts manuals?

by wjding

2,363 database association with LuCI

by deepak877

2,366 UCI Conig File for Custom Program

by justynnuff

2,367 tinyproxy feed broken

by refried