41,012 WL500gP + DVB-T Tuner

by miraculli

41,015 KernelPackage option

by comio

41,016 Kamikaze 7.09 compilation problem

by davide_lenza

41,017 Sitecom WL-183 Router.

by ilserver

41,021 iptables and multiple DNS names

by JimWright

41,023 ATM support in kernel 2.4

by kenjiru

41,024 Set port speed and duplex

by lschweiss

41,025 Netgear DG834B V3

by tux_64

41,026 help me!! kernel panic

by wrtsg

41,027 NSLU2, Kamikaze and WGET problem

by MattyCiii

41,028 HOW-TO PPTP on 7.09????

by suspam

41,029 Supported gigabit wan

by sonicbuddha

41,030 Needed advice

by sstreger

41,031 wpa_supplicant on ADM5120

by polestar

41,032 wan2server

by orso

41,033 Did I brick my wap54G?

by BigBirdy

41,035 Error while compiling Kamikaze

by davide_lenza

41,037 Setting up routed wireless

by alexsamad

41,038 sendmail on openwrt

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41,040 pure-ftpd and anonymous access

by margate