40,562 Port forwarding..

by bzkbee

40,563 sdparm for openwrt?

by netprince

40,566 Kamiakze Firmware > 4MB

by Oconnor

40,567 Clientmode script

by monossido

40,569 Issue with WRT54GL

by nagubk82

40,570 Problem with whiterussian_rc3

by nagubk82

40,571 wl-500gp status

by arod0405

40,572 asterisk an kamikaze 7.09

by himbeere

40,575 wanted: wvdial package

by kajje

40,576 Somewhat offtopic (iphone)

by napierzaza

40,577 client bridge

by zekid

40,580 backing up openwrt configs.

by bifferos

40,581 Help creating a configuration on Fonera

by Pixel du Rezo

40,583 acx-mac80211 WPA STA mode

by beep

40,584 Soekris net5501

by glp

40,585 OpeWRT - Netgear WGR614L

by wrthack

40,586 WIP Day:: AR7 Targets

by nabcore

40,588 WIP-Day February

by glp

40,589 Asterisk Fonera on SD card

by fpaliuc