Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) - revert to stock from OpenWrt

Hi completely newbie here.I have flashed openwrt successfully but now I want to revert to stock.
Could you please provide me some step to step guide?Thank you in advance.

Did you read the device page?

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... and the actual images are in this thread.

Hi ,thank you for your reply.Yes I looked it but I didn't managed it.

looked where, didn't manage what ?

The procedure.As I already told you.I m completely newbie to openwrt.Any help will be appreciated.Thankn you.

That's the procedure that I use to revert to stock firmware

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If you've read it, you should be able to explain -exactly- at which point you're stuck

I do not know nothing about command line.Any help please?And where to download files need for this?

congrats, this day won't be a complete waste, you'll learn something new
if you have Windows, you'll want to download Putty.

that question have already been answered.


The download is included in the command line so just copy paste once at time, download software like putty write IP of your Zyxel, then connect and then you can use commands

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Thank you very much for your reply!
I have downloaded putty,cd to temp but when I m trying to get the firmware I get the error
Failed to send request,operation not permitted

download the fw to your client, then (win)scp it to the WSM.

sounds to me you've set it up as a dumb AP.

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You are right!!
I managed to revert to stock firmware!!!!
Thank you very much for your replies!!!

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fwiw, I've updated the wiki page to make it clear how to restore stock firmware.