Zyxel WRE6606 - Please help with first install via serial port

Hello. I'm owned Zyxel WRE6606 repeater, that listed in compatible devices spreadsheet. But firmware downloaded in .itb format, and I find only one install instruction:

It looks a bit short and complicated for me. Where I can read how to flash in details? How use this serial port and where it is? Is it possible to do all from win10 machine or I need Linux?

If the page doesn't provide enough info about installation over serial, you can check other devices pages on OpenWrt wiki. It should be very similar.

You will have to trace it or possibly look for images online. If you are lucky you might find an images as which pad is which. Also it would be good to look at other devices pages on the wiki to see if there are general advices in making the connection. And make sure you choose a TTL adaptor not a standard DB9 232 adaptor.

Windows should be fine



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3.3 Volt adapter is required, not all “TTL” adapters can be switched to 3.3 V

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Thank you.
Unfortunately, this device a bit rare, I can't found any info about technical details of wre6606, just nothing.
Is it any chance to install Openwrt throuh original firmware web interface? May be in next versions?

If no, I'll try to flash via serial. I have this one serial adapter, not sure is it suitable or not?

USB2.0 To TTL 6Pin CH340G Converter STC PRO Instead of CP2102 PL2303
Built-in USB to TTL Transfer chip.

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TTL interface output, easy to connect to your MCU.

Dual 3.3V and 5V Power output, work with 3.3v and 5v target device.

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USB to TTL conversion board used for STC microcontroller download DVD/ hard disk / router /GPS upgrade

For STC Download: SCM must be a minimum system and external crystal oscillator

Note: USB to Serial port can use the version above STC-ISPV3.94 to download the old version of STC microcontroller, as STC89C and STC12C series