Zyxel VMG3925-B10B - have root exploit

Hello I recently found a root exploit to get a full root user via telnet.

I am wondering if the door is now open for a openwrt for these routers now??

Any guides I can follow?

I would start checking whether those Broadcom chipsets are supported (https://deviwiki.com/wiki/ZyXEL_VMG3925-B10B).

I am pretty sure the hardware is supported, as it is already running Linux on the box. and I did a search for the chipsets
https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/hardware/soc/soc.broadcom.bcm63xx?s[]=bcm63168 and has gpl drivers.

however I do not see an openwrt version next to this tag:

They all are, doesn't matter if it's supported or not...

If you can get a boot log via a serial connection see if it is similar to that shown on the device page of these two BCM963268 devices:

sky sr102
comtrend vr-3032u

If things like flash type, size and layout are similar enough you may be able to tweak the builds for those devices.