ZyXEL VMG392 suitabilty

I was wondering if this router might support openwrt. I can't see it on the supported router list but wondered if anyone had tried it or if there were any plans to add it in the future?
Perhaps it has an incompatible chipset and so will never work,


Do you mean VMG392 or VMG3925-B10B?
I couldn't find much of anything for VMG392, hence asking for clarification.

Easy to find out: Open the device and take pictures of the PCB which allow the identification of the chips used (i.e. the writing on the chips must be readable).

Post the pictures here, or if the writing on the chips is not readable on the pictures, just write down what is written on the chips.

Ah good spot!
It's actually a VMG3925-B10C so presumably a later variant to the B10B
in any case none of the VMG3925 models appear in the compatible list.
I haven't actually broken the seal and taken the router out of it's box as I've yet to determine it's fate, hence considering openwrt compatibility.

As there is no information about the VMG3925-B10C, I can only extrapolate based on the hardware information for the VMG3925-B10B - in which case neither of its wireless devices will ever be supported (usual disclaimer about basic b43 support applies).

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Thanks slh!