ZyXel P-2812HNU-F1 flashing help

Hey Guys,

I am trying to flash the p-2812hnu-f1. However, the instructions on openwrt are not that easy that i am able to do so.

Can anyone help me?
The cables and programs i already have. Now a correct procedure :slight_smile:
Regards Robert

The firmware is located here...


See these instructions on the OpenWrt wiki...


There are no factory images for most lantiq devices (the OEM bootloader (often brnboot) usually requires signed images) and the ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1 doesn't appear to be an exception here. Usually the only way to install LEDE is forcing the SOC into a special CFG (02 for the P-2812HNU-F1) mode (pulling a hidden testpoint to GND) to make it accept a new bootloader binary (u-boot) over UART, from there you can usually tftpboot LEDE and write bootloader and firmware to flash.

This procedure just isn't enduser friendly - and it doesn't help that in most cases the OpenWrt wiki describes outdated procedures to accomplish this (especially the way UBI partitions are handled has changed considerably and there are also changes to the way the u-boot images are structured), but there is no way around it for most lantiq devices. Effectively you do have to read the wiki entry, compare it to the BT Home Hub 5a (whose description has been updated for current LEDE) and try to understand what you can do and why it has to be done this way, there is no easy escape or shortcut - the vendor bootloaders insisting on signed images prevent that. Keep in mind that these are (originally) often rented/ ISP branded devices.

Please do update the device page in the LEDE wiki as you go.

Hey guys,

i finally succeeded in flashing the Zyxel P-2812HNU-F1.
However, i do not see wireless anywhere in the GUI.

How can i add this?

Regards Robert

See the WiFi Configuration section in the LEDE User Guide...


Hi @rberkenpas,

would you be able to share the details that resulted in your succes? Strugling with the same issue here.




Wireless on ZyXEL P-2812HNU-F1 is chip depending, most devices run RaLink RT3062f chip.
If so, you need file RT3062.eeprom in folder /lib/firmware on your ZyXEL.
See: https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/zyxel/p2812hnu-fx#calibration_data

Within this file, the mac address of WLAN is decoded.
a Default RT3062.eeprom file can be found here: https://github.com/ScApi/P2812HNUFx-Pre-Build/tree/OpenWrt-Designated-Driver-r47026/F1%20OpenWRT/calibration%20data

Hope this will help!

Regards, DG.

Hi DGdodo,

thnx for responding. Point is I'm not able yet to get OpenWRT installed yet, so arrived yet at the point of WiFi (not) working.
First step would be to get OpenWRT (recent build) installed. Any suggestion?



I don't understand what you mean, Wifi not working on F1 device with OEM (ZyXEL) firmware?
Most probably it is already broken, i guess.

As writen before (above) the flashing methode is on:
You need to open the device, use a TTL-serial device and short R17 to be able to flash firmware.
It's all written in the link.

Then you can use the GUI to update to latest build found on:
Although these versions don't have Luci already installed (also mentioned on the info pages).

Regards, DG.

Also having issues getting Openwrt (18.06.1) onto this device.
The main issues I have is that I can no longer find the required openwrt-lantiq-p2812hnufx_nandtpl-u-boot.img, openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-P2812HNUF1-uImage and openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-P2812HNUF1-uImage-initramfs files mentioned in the wiki.

The uboot.asc available via https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.1/targets/lantiq/xrx200/ loads and runs fine (from RAM), but unsure how to proceed - any pointers?

The BT Home Hub 5a guides I find all seem to also point to a lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-installimage.bin that I can't find an equivalent for this device.

After some reading, have 18.06.1 up and running on my device :slight_smile:
Found the required files over at github.com/ScApi/P2812HNUFx-Pre-Build

EDIT: It might be prudent extract your MACs before erasing the nand as suggested by the wiki (nand erase.chip).

EDIT2: It might also be possible (I have NOT tested this!!) to just flash uboot, and directly flash the latest OpenWrt image with:

protect off all
tftpboot openwrt-18.06.1-lantiq-xrx200-zyxel_p-2812hnu-f1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
erase 0xb0080000 +${filesize}
cp.b $fileaddr 0xb0080000 ${filesize}