Zyxel NWA90AX PoE AP

Has anyone tinkered with the NWA90AX?

It seems quite different to NWA50AX which is supported.

But the 90AX seemingly has all supported chips. Only thing not evident is which hardware revision this device is. Photos from 2020, so a few years might have gone through a refresh or two.

Nabbed the photos from the fcc photo shoot :slight_smile:

IPQ8070A + K4A8G16 Samsung memory ( DRAM Chip DDR4 SDRAM 8Gbit 512Mx16 1.2V 96-Pin FBGA @ 2666MHz )

Qualcomm QCN5024

Qualcomm QCN5054


Qualcomm PMP8074

Overview A

Overview B - VP6014 HF / MDL 1G 1 PORT POE 60W

get serial access - probably the 4 pins top right on the last photo, and try booting the WRX36 initramfs.

The WRX36 basically has similar hardware footprint? I see a few differences.

So booting the initramfs tells us how much more 'work' is needed?

I have not actually acquired the device yet - I prefer to see that a device is supported before I invest.

Actually I was wrong, it uses the 8070, while the WRX36 uses the 8072, but it might not be an issue.

The initramfs helps you with device exploration, and will be needed any test fw.

If you only go for supported device, then you'll have to wait for it to get supported, or
consider getting the CAX1800 or Edge-corE EAP102 instead

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