Zyxel NBG6817 unable to switch frequency

After upgrading from 19.7.04 to 21.02 I'm unable to switch WI-FI 5 working chanel from 36 to any other.

daemon.notice hostapd: Frequency 5660 (primary) not allowed for AP mode, flags: 0xf00797b NO-IR RADAR
daemon.err hostapd: Primary frequency not allowed
daemon.warn hostapd: wlan0: IEEE 802.11 Configured channel (132) or frequency (5660) not found from the channel list of the current mode (2) IEEE 802.11a
daemon.warn hostapd: wlan0: IEEE 802.11 Hardware does not support configured channel
daemon.err hostapd: Could not select hw_mode and channel. (-3)
daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: interface state UNINITIALIZED->DISABLED
daemon.notice hostapd: wlan0: AP-DISABLED
daemon.err hostapd: wlan0: Unable to setup interface.

Have you set a country for the radio?

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Sure I have.

tried changing it, too ?


Why should I? It's strange, but yeap, it worked.

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