ZyXEL NBG6817 still randomly rebooting every few days

Even with latest dev snapshot I experience random reboots every few days. At this point I am wondering if it is simply a hardware defect in my particular unit. Does anyone have this router behaving in a stable manner, and if so, what version are you running?


First try to look into the logs if there are any errors on boot already (faulty flash/ram). Second try to run your router with as few/minimal settings as you can, without installing any additional software and watch if the reboots still occur. You can have a look into statistics for e. g. temperature and cpu load also. Try to run with/without wifi and/or lan ports connected/not connected also (to see if there is a hardware problem).

If then reboots still occur you can say there is probably something wrong with the hardware. Because I don't have thoses issues here even with my modifications/software installations.

If reboots stopping after you were using "standard build/settings" then your problem is probably software or settings related. Then you can install software/make modifications step by step and check for stability after each step and find the reason.

Thanks for the reply.

  • No errors in kernel log
  • 1 error in system log, seems to be whenever a new wifi device connects: "Mon Jul 6 13:52:31 2020 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: key addition failed"
  • Only running 3 services: adblock, DNSCrypt-proxy and Dynamic DNS

I will try turning off adblock and see if that resolves.


Then I would reference this (it's basically the same hardware):

If I interprete this short conversation there right then it might be a WiFi related configuration error. Did you upgrade from an older version? If yes do a full reset of all settings and start over from scratch.

The thought of having to reconfigure everything makes me weep but if this adblock experiment fails, then I will go ahead and give that a try. Thanks for your feedback and ideas, it is appreciated.

After experiencing an unexplained reboot 24 hrs after upgrading a master based image for my ipq806x based r7500v2, I saw this and I also see new ath10k-ct firmware is coming (see here)...

If waiting is less than painful than re-configuring, you might want to wait for those updates to be commited and try again.

Also you don't mention using irqbalance, but if you are perhaps try testing with that off.

While waiting for the above mentioned updates, I'm trying with/without irqbalacne myself but electrical storms keep shutting off my power. I think it unlikely irqbalance is the cultprit as I've had long periods of stability using it in the past; however, I was using it when I experienced the crash and I don't normally use it much now .

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I'm not using irqbalance, wasn't aware that was such a thing until you mentioned it. I'll give it a try after my next "involuntary reboot". Also looking forward to those patches, thanks for the heads up.

I recently applied the current snapshot to my NBG6817 because the current stable was having problems bringing up the wifi radio0. happened to be watching 'logread -f' when I caught this OOPS, couldn't find a record of it anywhere else in the system.

Tue Aug 18 19:40:59 2020 kern.alert kernel: [29907.009969] 8<--- cut here ---
Tue Aug 18 19:40:59 2020 kern.alert kernel: [29907.009996] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000000
Tue Aug 18 19:40:59 2020 kern.alert kernel: [29907.012681] pgd = 902ce08e
Tue Aug 18 19:40:59 2020 kern.alert kernel: [29907.020252] [00000000] *pgd=00000000