Zyxel NBG6716 snapshot deactivated


Hello, the snapshot versions of the device are no longer available. They state it's because of the kernel size. But the device has 128 or 256 mb flash storage, the kernel size has been increased before. Why not resize? I want to install updated snapshot version.

It might be due to uboot restrictions in kernel size, not flash.

If you create your own image, you might be able to shrink the kernel, by leaving out some modules.

Or try to replaces the boot loader with a more recent one.

Be aware that the OpenWrt developers at large only have the option of disabling failing device builds, workarounds need to be tested on the affected hardware (as there is a huge potential of hard bricking the device) - which needs to come from those who own one and can confirm the viability of this change.

Flash size itself is sadly no indicator for the way the OEM has opted to partition it, nor what how much the bootloader can access while loading the kernel into memory. In some cases there is headroom left, in others the number of bytes read by the bootloader can be manually increased via bootloader environment variables or other means, but this is heavily device specific.