Zyxel NBG6616 Bootloop after installing help

Hi Everyone, I was stupid enough not to read properly the OpenWRT Wiki that this firmware version causing bootloop with the device. Now I bricked my Zyxel NBG6616 router but as I heard, via serial ports, I am able to make it usable again. I have a Raspberry Pi3 Model B which I would like to use for the recovery process. Unfortunately I never did that before. I read the serial documentations for this router, and a very dumb question: PIN1 is on the LEFT hand side if I am standing in front of the router and the WPS button is on the right side for me? I just need a confirmation before I start the recovery process. Also if anyone done this before, even on this specific router or with the help of a Raspberry Pi, all help and advice is much appreciated. I attached photos from the motherboard and the serial PINs. Feel free to use it in the OpenWrt WIKI page.

Thank you!


Before looking at the serial console, I would suggest to check if the nbg6616 offers a similar rescue procedure as its larger siblings (wireshark can be very useful to check for tftp requests).

Finally all sorted with a proper ttl adapter. Flashed the firmware from TFTP server, now all good. Thank you anyway for the help.

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