Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS not accessible after OpenWrt installation

I have just installed the snapshot build on this router but I cannot access gui page or get access in putty when I ping to it doesn't respond
Tried using lan 1 and lan 4 port(wan/lan)
I followed the steps from here
But I cannot access any idea what could be the possibile reason
Thank you

Installation from web GUI:

  • Log in as "admin" on
  • Upload OpenWrt initramfs-recovery.bin image on the
    Maintenance -> Firmware page
  • Wait for OpenWrt to boot and ssh to root@

These steps were followed and was unreachable

Snapshot images do not include the web interface

Found the fault DHCP was not assigned

How do I revert back to stock OEM firmware now?
Any guide

Tried through tfttp but no success as static IP is unknown and the bin name
Tried sysupgrade of OEM firmware

See your topic about this: Zyxel 3301 Plus Guide to revert back to Oem firmware

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