ZyXEL Keenetic Lite Rev. B: how to install?

I am a complete newbie here, so this question can be a little bit stupid. How to install OpenWRT on this device from its original NDMS v2 firmware? The first installation requires a "factory" image, but the download section for this device contains only "sysupgrade". Or is "sysupgrade" enough to flash from the web interface?

First look read this page, especially the warning at the top.

This is not a good model for an OpenWrt beginner because the small RAM seriously limits what it can do, and if you don't constantly fight to save RAM, crashing due to lack of RAM is likely.

Installation uses the sysupgrade file in recovery mode, as described in the git commit (linked on the model page):

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Nevertheless, it's still supported. And it has 8 M flash, unlike earlier revisions.
I do not need a lot of functions, but I definitely need controlling the maximum WiFi speed for certain clients (my neighbor aggressively using Telegram on his phone), and the stock firmware lacks this functionality. Are there any other options for this device?

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