Zyxel GS1900-24E: Advanced switching features with OpenWrt?

I flashed OpenWRT on my Zyxel GS1900-24E switch.

Is it possible to have the following features on the switch:

  1. Link aggregation
  2. DHCP snooping
  3. Dynamic ARP inspection
  4. IP source guard

By the way, the switch only have 896 KiB disk space. (It has a lot of temp space though)
If I have to install new packages for the features I need, I would lose them after I reboot the device, right?

Aren't 3, 4 and 5 Ci$co proprietary features?

Every place I search, I only see thier websites with Wiki/information.

I'm sure something could be scripted.

On link aggregation:


The top web search results are forum threads.

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Link aggregation needs to be done in software so far, and the SoC is certainly not able to do that at wirespeed. There might be a way to have the SoC handle it but OpenWrt does not have the code for that (the Realtek SDK does seem to, since ZyXEL offers LACP in their web UI).

I have a few ZyXEL Realtek switches, but where I do need LACP I have stuck with the ZyXEL firmware (XGS1250-12, GS1900-8HP v2).

I don't think they are exclusive to Cisco switches.
For example, the Zyxel GS1920 has these features listed in their specification sheet

I see. As I do need link aggregation in my setup, I will stick to the stock firmware for now.