ZTE MF286D - uboot autoboot 0 second delay

I've purchased a number of ZTE MF286Ds and been successfully able to install Openwrt 23.05.3 on them without issue. However, I've now run into an issue where one unit has a 0 second abort timeout for autoboot:

I understand a configuration change can be made in uboot to increase the timeout, but that would need some sort of privilege escalation in the ZTE OS.

I am running this firmware: B12 Nordic

Is there some way to change to another firmware version that would also update the uboot settings?

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Can you interrupt U-Boot if you start pressing Esc (and keeping it pressed) before applying power? This might work even with the 0s timeout.

What do you mean exactly? You are able to log in, but you can't modify the U-Boot variables?

Seems like the RX pin on the ZTE didn't have a good connection so inputs from the keyboard were ignored. My soldering iron is sub-par (a cheap Luxorparts-branded one where the tip doesn't get hot enough) so I had opted to just physically hold some bare wires in place. Once I got a second pair of hands, I was able to interrupt the uboot process despite the 0 second delay.

I assumed that the 0 second delay would've meant that interrupting was impossible. So therefore I would've needed to somehow break myself into the ZTE OS in order to change the variables.

Thanks for the tip!

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