ZTE F600 with OpenWrt Wifi Router

Hello, a newbs question,
I have this "Optical Network Unit" with no wifi capability and a spare WR841N router with OpenWrt on it.

How do I connect and config those so I will get internet connectivity through ZTC on my WR841N?


It depends on how the ISP has configured the ONT. It could be as simple as plugging the router WAN port into the ONT. Often though there are different VLANs for Internet or TV and you need to know the proper VLAN to set up.

The WR841 is not usable much past 50-75 Mb Internet speed. If your fiber subscription is high speed, you will need better hardware to fully use it.

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Just plugging the router into the ONT didnt work though. No internet connection on the wifi.
Thanks for the answer.

How do you usually use the ONT? Does the ISP also provide a separate router, or can you plug PC(s) directly into it?

It's odd that ONT has four Ethernet ports but they say it is a bridge. That usually means you only have one IP address from it and have to use a router separately.

See if the ISP has any instructions and look in forums for advice about using third party routers with the ISP. The name of the ISP is more important to search on than the model of the ONT.

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