Zoom audio goes Darth Vader after about 60 minutes

When I use Zoom for meetings and use the Zoom voip audio, my voice going outbound goes completely darth vader for the attendees at around 60 minutes. This happens every time I use it, but it is hard to say that 60 minutes is the number. It never happens right away though.

Some config facts:
-This issue happens on a quiet network (nobody else is home)
-No use of SQM or any other QoS
-Flow control is disabled, although I get the same problem if I do enable it
-Nothing shows in the Kernel or System log that appears related
-I am hardwired into the WNDR3800.
-Speed tests reliably at 200mbps/5mbps
-The audio is bad, but the screenshare and video are fine.

Any ideas here? The fact that it doesn't happen right away makes me think a buffer or something is filling up. It's almost like a timer is going off somewhere.

Sixty minutes of audio would be a huge buffer for a router... And I cannot think of any element in OpenWrt that would cause that behavior. I would look somewhere else first.

I can't see it being the router but perhaps test with a different one, to rule it out?

Are you using a USB headset? ... A podcast series I listen to went through a period where several guests had this issue of distorted microphone audio after "about an hour", turned out the fix was to unplug then reinsert the USB headset - they surmised it might be a headset driver with a memory leak.

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