Zone config vs firewall rule

lan5 on the router , vlan5 on the PI4b

woops , I didnt state clearly that minidlna is on a pi4b

This is the first time you're mentioning that fact...

How about a system topology diagram?

I dont know if that helps
shadow - openwrt router
tootie - mediaserver etal

It would be more clear if the diagram had labels for VLANs, device IP addresses, firmware on each device, and brand/model of each item.

I'll have to work on that

I'm marking this as 'solved' since my original question was answered .
The strange behavior of minidlna I believe to be a minidlna issue when multiple networks are plumbed on the minidlna host. I created a wifi device associated with vlan5 , attached my phone to it and then started minidlna on the phone (sounds odd but it works) . Using a tablet still attached to vlan1 I was able to access minidlna on the phone (on vlan5) and everything looked(album art) correct and was able to play music to a device on vlan 2 .

Further investigation has shown the root cause of my minidlna problem (and at least 1 other unrelated to minidlna) was caused by asymmetric routing on the pi4b
After applying the fix described here


my issues have been fixed