Zerotier with MWAN3

Hi All

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I have a question we have a few setups where we run Zerotier and mwan3 together right now it's working okay, but we use unmanaged interfaces for it to allow us to do routing between Zerotier networks and openwrt add default route and, routes to remote LAN's (branches)

However, to route a LAN subnet through our Zerotier i currently create it as a MWAN3 interface and then i setup a mwan3 rule to route all traffic from src_addr range through Zerotier interface.

This has some drawbacks 1 major one is sometimes when there is a network wobble the unmanaged interface go's down on mwan3 and does not recover quick enough or at all and just stays down witch then messes with the routing. also, we do not need failover checks done on zero tier interface since it will go over witch ever WAN interface is being used at the time.

I tried using PBR to achieve this as well but not sure if its due to MWAN's setup or what the story is I can't get PBR to work alongside my mwan3 setup.

With all this in mind i was wondering if anyone has found a better way to do this using MWAN3 to run failover ON WAN's and Zerotier for routing a desired subnet without adding them to MWAN3 or setup mwan3 to be not check the zerotier interface