ZeroTier One GL-XE300 Puli

Running Version: 4.3.7 release4 with zerotier 1.10.3.

How can i configure my interfaces + plus firewall in LUCI/CLI so anyone that connects to the LAN side of the PULI can see all the devices on my zerotier network (192.168.192.x)? And this would be anyone physically plugging into the LAN port of the PULI or the wifi of the PULI, which could be a multitude of devices.

PULI Zerotier IP
PULI LAN IP (ssh/admin page)

I also want this solution to work if the PULI has internet via ISP Modem plugged into WAN port OR if im traveling and am using an LTE SIM CARD.

do i have to add interface for the zerotier virtual adapter? i dont have a zerotier interface presently.

that's the GL.Inet version of openwrt though, install proper openwrt, or ask GL.inet.

Not really, at least on OpenWrt.

uci add_list firewall.vpn.device="zt+"
Does this need to be the exact name of the interface? not "zt+"

No, unless you plan creating multiple ZeroTier interfaces in different firewall zones.

Thanks for the help that worked. If i wanted to turn off forwarding of the lan to the zerotier network (aside from disabling the PULI in my zerotier members page) what would a simple way be?

To undo the changes to the firewall config made by the code linked above, you can run this:

uci -q delete firewall.vpn
uci -q delete firewall.lan_vpn
uci -q delete firewall.ssh
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

thanks again!

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