Zerotier on TP-Link TL-WR941ND V3

I need to install zerotier on it which needs 291 kb while
I have only 88kb
So I need to remove unnecessary pkages to install zerotier
Please advice which pkages I should remove savetly ??

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@steen, also be advised that you cannot gain free space by simply uninstalling the packages in the pre-built firmware from the downloads sites.

As @tmomas eludes from the links, you must build an image small enough.

As pointed out in your other thread on trying to get zerotier running on a device without sufficient resources

you should heed the already linked on your previous thread.

The TL-WR941 is already on the "tiny" target. There isn't much more than can be removed and still run wireless and routing.

It is unlikely that you will be able to recover sufficient free space to install a "291 kb" package and any additional dependencies that are required. Note that you'll need not only the zerotier package, but also
libpthread, libstdcpp (400 kB), kmod-tun, ip, libminiupnpc, libnatpmp and all of their dependencies.

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Ok Thanks for help I will try build my firmware

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