Zerotier on backfire 10.03.1

Dear Sir
I am new to openwrt and I need help

I have USR9108 Modem and I install openwrt backfire 10.03.1 on it
as it is the onle version runs with good speed ( I try 14, 15 and 17 but they
are very slow and restarts the modem )

My main use of this to run zerotier on it but when I update packages from
system -> software I did find it.
Also I try "opkg install zerotier_*.ipk" from ssh but fail

  • wfopen: zerotier_*.ipk: No such file or directory.
  • pkg_init_from_file: Failed to extract control file from zerotier_*.ipk.

Please help to install it


Backfire is over 8 years old now, and is no longer maintained or actively supported. It is known to have multiple security vulnerabilities in the kernel and application software.

Assuming your device has sufficient flash and RAM to run a release that has updated security patches and support, upgrading to 18.06.1 would be by first suggestion.

If your device is no longer supported, there are many devices with sufficient flash, RAM, and support for current wireless protocols available for US $20-40.

Once you have either updated your firmware or moved to another device, make sure you run opkg update before you try to install packages.


shows that it is a 4 MB Flash, 16 MB RAM, 256 MHz Broadcom BCM6348 device.

I would be very surprised if you can run much more that routing and wireless on the device.

Thanks for your help I will try Another router with more flash size

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