Zerotier connect 2 remote sites

Hi. i got 2 sites that have the following setup:
Site A

Running 19.07.08 in a x86
4G usb dongle to access the internet (CGNAT)
DHCP for clients
zerotier software installed

Site B

Running 19.07.08 in a x86
xDSL to access the internet 
DHCP for clients
zerotier software installed

i have created a zerotier account and i have set up 2 networks, one for each site:

**Site A**: dhcp
**Site B:** dhcp

What i want to achieve is connectivity between LAN machines from Site_A to Site_B and vice versa. I am a bit lost in the configuration and i would like some help please.

Apply to both routers:

uci -q delete firewall.zt
uci set firewall.zt="zone"
uci set"zt"
uci set firewall.zt.input="REJECT"
uci set firewall.zt.output="ACCEPT"
uci set firewall.zt.forward="REJECT"
uci set firewall.zt.masq="1"
uci set firewall.zt.mtu_fix="1"
uci add_list"zt"
uci -q delete firewall.lan_zt
uci set firewall.lan_zt="forwarding"
uci set firewall.lan_zt.src="lan"
uci set firewall.lan_zt.dest="zt"
uci -q delete firewall.zt_lan
uci set firewall.zt_lan="forwarding"
uci set firewall.zt_lan.src="zt"
uci set firewall.zt_lan.dest="lan"
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart
uci -q delete network.zt
uci set network.zt="interface"
uci set network.zt.proto="none"
uci set network.zt.device="${ZT_IF}"
uci -q delete network.lan_lan
uci set network.lan_lan="route"
uci set network.lan_lan.interface="zt"
uci set"${PEER_LAN}"
uci set network.lan_lan.gateway="${ZT_PEER}"
uci commit network
/etc/init.d/network restart
/etc/init.d/zerotier restart

If the above fails, create a tunnel between the ZT peers.