ZBT WG3526 has internet access, connected to internet but any clients NOT with static IP APN operator

I don't know why my router and clients on Orange and T-Mobile has internet access to a network (not static IP internet APN).
When I change to static m2m APN on Plus operator internet doesn't work only on clients, but this Plus card works properly on another ZTE router with m2m APN.
The m2m APN card on ZBT has internet access only on a router pings from SSH or Luci diagnostics tab.
I tried to disable a firewall but without success.
This problem occurs only on Plus m2m on ZBT. All clients cannot connect to the internet.
The router works properly before, but I switch the cards for one day for migration from person to company agreement, now does the Plus card not work anymore only in ZBT. Router has Quectel inbuilt modem.
Thank you in advance for your help.