ZBT WG3526 4G sim not detected and cant get WAN to sync

Hi Folks and OPENWrt gurus

I've unfortunately experienced something unwarranted with my WG3526 (with 3/4G SIM Slot) and I unfortunately not familiar with Linux OS so here I am seeking for the Guru's mercy on how I can get my Modem to work again.

to put it simply I have pressed the "RESET" button in view that I'll be able to change my User/Pword as the unit would not accept any of my pword that I have inputted during my attempt to access the Web UI.

Then as expected, I did loose all!! not just the setting but the entire FW itself. All i can on the screen when I attempted to log back in was in "Chinese" as I am not Chinese I ended up spending over 3hrs trying to fix the unit back to its original state... eventually it led me to a site called "WIKIDEVI.COM" and it highlighted several unique Weblinks including the OpenWrt. I eventually found the link of the latest FW 18.x.x.x, installed and ... yes it does work..

Now, the only issue I have is that the "LTE" mode is no longer visible on the WAN Connection option and not one of the avail option allows me to connect to my ISP...

Therefore, there could only be 3x noteable areas that I can think of and I could be wrong;

  1. The new FW no longer support 3G/4G/LTE Sim cards
  2. The new FW is missing the option to select 4G/LTE mode
  3. The new FW have hidden the option to select 4G/LTE Mode

If any of you Open Dev that uses the ZBT WG3526 with 3/4G Sim Slot, may I kindly ask for your assistance on how I can get my modem to work.. I have personally bought this brand new direct from the Manufacturer in China (via ALIBABA) back in 17" and have not used it for 8 months - Today I have attempted to play with it only to reject my own Pword that I've originally set the unit with

I would be grateful to all who may have a solution for me and thanking you in advance

All the best
OPOC Solutions
Syd, AU


Did you got to resolve your issue? If you did can you share? Iā€™m having same issue. Thanks so much!

You should start a new thread. The first thing to consider though is that the generic OpenWrt (obtained from downloads.openwrt.org will not contain any modem drivers by default. The drivers would be installed later. If you do a factory reset or upgrade the firmware, the driver packages will be removed from the router and need to be reinstalled before the 4G connection can work.