ZBT WE826-Q install packages

Hello there.

my first post here.

I'm using ZBT WE826-Q router, and i would like to add some features (packs) to it, like configure some IP address pool, etc. Is that posible? I contacted ZBT, and they said is not posible with their firmware.

Thanks in advance.


I couldn’t find the specifics of the “Q” model quickly, but it seems it’s just the WE826 with 16mb flash and the extra sim / 3(4?)g card preinstalled.

As far as I know all ZBT routers are running an older OpenWRT version OOTB so a simple sysupgrade should get you from version 14 or 15 to the latest including all the features that you want to add.

drbrains, thanks for your answer.

i'm using a firmware that ZBT sent me about 2 weeks ago, so i think the firmware is updated.

some features i need on that router are about VPN (IPSec for a Lan-to-Lan configuration).

ZBT told me it can not be done.

D you think that with another firmware, will solve my problem?



Like I said 99% sure that your ZBT running an OpenWRT firmware. If they send you an update, most likely it’s OpenWRT 15.05. You can just update directly to the lastest stable or snapshot as you like. Some people reported some problems with restoring a backup of the settings, so make a note of all your important info and start fresh. Keep in mind that “fresh” means WiFi is disabled by default so you need a wired to configure.

The ZBT normally has a Uboot with a web recovery (hold reset while powering on). They are very unlikely to get bricked or even need a serial connection.

Just check what the specific differences are with your “Q” model. If you need/want a lot of packages I suggest you get familiar with building your own firmware from source. (As far as I could tell your model is the one with 16MB of flash, so there should be plenty of space for extra features.

Thanks for you answer drbains, i will check that.