ZBT-WE2806 lost stock firmware

Hi every one,
I have a big problem. My router is ZBT-WE2806. I upgraged to OpenWrt 19.07.7 with ZBT-WE1226 firmware. But it is not working good. Its reboot every 1 minute. Now i can not fix this trouble.
I want to reupgrade the old firmware LEDE Reboots SNAPSHOT 17.01 20.0428_174800 (stock firmware). But i cant find on internet this firmware. I forgot backup firmware before upgrade :frowning:
So, could you please send to me firmware stable for ZBT-WE2806. I need use 3G/4G on it.
Thank you.

if that's the firmware the device came with, you probably need to ask the vendor.

.... or try to figure out why it reboots.

You could also try https://ltehacks.com/ and https://ltefix.com/

For stock firmware, please contact the manufacturer:

Thank for your reply. I'll try ask and check that website. I'll ask later if I cant fix. :slight_smile:

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