ZBT WE1826 support

Hello! I have a ZBT WE1826 router. It's similar to Xiaomi MiWiFi mini as I've found at old forum.


I succesfully flashing a 18.06 stable firmware, can build it from scratch. It works, but there are some WiFi stability problems.

When I try to build latest trunk firmware for MiWiFi mini I get a bootloop.

Does anyone know what changed in currnet trunk for MiWiFi mini?

For things very tightly tied to the MiWiFi Mini

git log $(git merge-base openwrt-18.06 master)..master -- target/linux/ramips/dts/MIWIFI-MINI.dts b/target/linux/ramips/dts/MIWIFI-MINI.dts


git log $(git merge-base openwrt-18.06 master)..master --grep miwifi

(Note that these won't pick up changes on 18.06 -- changing ..master to ..openwrt-18.06 will show those)

Given that there have been updates in the kernel and just about everything else in the last year, it may be a "generic" change as well.

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Can you tell me what file you flashed ZBT WE1826 ?

For today the latest trunk works flawlessly. I mean miwifi-mini firmware

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