ZBT WE-826-Q 3G/4G connection keeps rebooting every 40sec

Hello all, I’m very new to this and hope someone can help me with what looks like a simcard modem or seting issue. I bought this ZBT we-826-q router to provide connectivity on my boat and it still has the basic « Intelligent Router » web interface. I’m trying to push an OpenWRT software on it, but it doesn’t accept it over Wifi (web interface) and both my computers require a special Ethernet adapter (that I don’t have with me of course) to connect to the physical Eth port. So looks like I’m stuck with the native router s/w for now.

My issue is with the 3G/4G connection that appears to be resetting or rebooting every 40-45 seconds. The users can connected to the wifi router and can still get internet access, but loose it for about 5-7 seconds while Quectel EC25 modem appears to be rebooting (which affects any conferencing or calls thru the router). The reboot is systematic every 40 second which seems to tell me that the modem is not happy with something and tries to reboot itself.

I’ve limited options with me as I’m currently on the boat and remote, so before I spend a 100$ to get an Ethernet adapter shipped here, I’d like to check if anyone can help? I tried adding the APN name, but with no luck…Here is the only troubleshooting data I believe I can get for now using the native web interface.

That doesn't look like openwrt?

@frollic I agree it’s not yet OpenWRT related, until I can find a way to push it thru wifi or thru this native webinterface (which may be a customized OpenWRT based interface.) Looking for any help or option at this point! Thx

Consider switching to ROOter.

(link was for wrong model, apparently)

Wrong link. OP uses -Q model that is completely different product.

I tried ROOter on too using the native web interface software upgrade tool, although it doesn’t take it… « software not recongnized » error. I can’t seem to Telnet into neither, using the root login kicks me out right away. Any ideas to force load without Ethernet hard wire connection?

The first thing I'd look at is the router power supply. If you are in an area that requires the modem to ramp up the TX power then it could simply not get enough power and then reset itself. This is quite a common problem with modems and these small routers.

As to the firmware it is probably an old version of OpenWrt with a different GUI. There are a bunch of these around including the ones from ZBT. They use 17.01 but have Luci either upgraded or replaced.

The WE826-Q has no official OpenWrt support so you need to go to a third party firmware if you want to replace the current firmware. It also has a hardware watchdog that needs to be handled to keep it from rebooting every 4 minutes.

ROOter has long standing support for the WE826-Q and there are thousands of people using it with ROOter and a QC25 modem. Very popular low cost package.

But you need to be able to access the Ethernet in order to flash it. None of the factory firmware that come with these routers will recognize another firmware as valid so you need to force the flash via SSH or use the bootloader GUI. Trying SSH flashing via wifi is not recommended.

If I were you I'd look carefully at the power supply before looking at flashing to another firmware. And without Ethernet access you are stuck with what you have.

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This is pretty normal for these third party firmware.

They lock SSH access, usually using a different password, so you have no access to the guts of the router.

And because their firmware uses such an old OpenWrt version there is no way to force a flash from the GUI. Your only alternative is to use the bootloader GUI which requires an Ethernet connection.

Hello @Dairyman , thank much for the advice. I’ll actually try to bypass the small power supply and connect it directly to the 12V home battery supply (got plenty of that on the boat).
I’ve also disabled the wifi or router watchdog, which was triggering the router to rebootevery 30sec. Now it seems to be only the 3G modem that reboots and I’m not very knowledgeable on these Quectel AT protocoles. I cannot access the logs actually so it’s hard to find why the modem is not happy. Being able to telnet into it could help have access to more t/s information, but seems the root doesn’t allow login.

Quick update: connected the router directly to a 12V bank and still same issue. I guess my only option for now is to find a good samaritan on the island to use his computer and try the booloader GUI way.
Thanks a lot for your inputs!