Zbt vs tplink and more

Hi all,

I’m fairly new user in the openwrt forms. I have great wifi knowledge but not development. My question is for those of you who have worked with zbt Chinese devices. Especially the 1626 or similar. How does the openwrt work when ZBT pre installs it for you? Do you just get the device and input all of our coova chilli or radius server settings? Also these are some of my thoughts.... since tp link keeps making new versions and it’s hard to support future customers who purchase our social wifi offerings wouldn’t it be better if we use a company like zbt who develops around openwrt? Thanks all for your expert recommendations.

This is a question for ZBT. The OpenWrt community is unrelated to the firmware flashed by the OEM.

Thanks i’ll Reach out to zbt and ask them.

ZBT-WE826 and WE1026(-5G) are my workhorses. To be re-flashed with custom image, based on recent openwrt.

Ah ok. I’m using this mostly for our social wifi software. Is it too overboard for it? What are you using it for?

Hotspot systems of various "luxury", in production already. Up to / including local web server to serve various media types, incl. e-learning. Both WAN and WWAN.
"Social WIFI software": In case, you mean social login etc., piece of cake, as most of the work to be done on backend server, anyway.
You are correct, using TP-LINKs for this stuff will soon result in a "router-zoo" :slight_smile:

In my experience ZBT will not provide you the source code.
So you cannot re-build firmware image on top of their features.
So if you are using any of their special features (like 4G sim support) you are stuck with the firmware they provide.