Zabbix 4.0 package in OpenWrt 18.06

I have Zabbix server 4.0 and several OpenWRT VPN-routers. I need to gather information from subnets behind VPN-routers. So that requires Zabbix proxies of version 4.0 because of incompatibility with version 3 which is in OpenWRT now.
I need to add Zabbix proxy 4.0 to OpenWRT build. Small modifications of Makefile and source file swapping could not give the result. Can anyone help?

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Not sure I understand your question correctly...
I guess the question is on how you get your hands on a Zabbix 4.0 package?
If so, the Github OpenWrt packages have Zabbix 4.0.3 included.
See folder admin/zabbix

Thank you for your advice. Although I wanted to build stable version, development version is working good.

Since Zabbix 4 at master branch can be build only with PostgreSQL or MariaDB, there are so big to fit in 8 MiB. How I can build it with sqlite3 like Zabbix 3?

Zabbix 4.0 no longer uses SQLite as database management system for server.

Yes, it does. But I need Zabbix proxy and it has SQLite support.

That's right, but does not the database need to have the same engine as the server? The same server version (major) as the proxy is also required.

As far as I know proxy database is used only for data transit and has not any link to main server database.

I made it!!! I've make some changes to Makefile for zabbix package and .config for firmware.
If somebody wants to see them, I will publish.


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