Z8102AX & Openwrt 23.05.03

Hello Community,

I have a strange issue on Z8102AX when installing qmi protocol.
After having flashed the router with the image 23.05.03 for the first and installed the qmi protocol packages the modem (rm520n-gl) comes online without any issue.

When rebooting the router the qmi interface is not coming online anymore.
I have tried to restart it as well as reconfiguring the interface again, but
the interface is not coming online.

The errors on System Log:
Wed Apr 17 08:39:03 2024 daemon.notice netifd: 5g0 (3506): Command failed: ubus call network.interface notify_proto { "action": 0, "link-up": false, "keep": false, "interface": "5g0" } (Permission denied)

It seems that there is a bug on this version & qmi protocol

Installing the snapshot version for z8102ax and configuring the qmi protocol
works perfect, without any issues.

Thank you some help.