Yun /etc/config/network set to wrong interface should be eth0

Hi, just done an update to 21.02.1 and it appeared not to work, no network activity on ethernet port, at least on my old yun rev1. (basically the config uses wrong ethernet port, only one port on old yun)

Installed yunserialterminal and had a look at the config files

once serial terminal installed better to use something like minicom to talk to it
minicom -b 250000 -D /dev/ttyACM0

in /etc/config/network ifname is wrongly set to eth1 it should be set to eth0 thus

vi /etc/config/network

config interface 'lan'
    option ifname 'eth0'

correct that and then

/etc/init.d/network restart

and its up OK, well so far so good, in to luci!

so maybe correct that for next version... assuming the rev2 yun should also use eth0.


It appears it is maybe something to do with settings left from previous version.

I did a settings reset in luci and /etc/config/network looks different I think.

so maybe if you do a settings reset in old version before a firmware flash you will get a different result.

was no option I saw to reset settings during flash, which is quite possibly what is required, i.e. yun used to be eth1 as the working port but openwrt has changed it to eth0 now, but if settings from old version used it starts trying to use old openwrt label eth1 which now no longer exists ????

From which previous OpenWrt release?

Good Question! 19.07 I think.

But basically I had done a lot of messing around, deleting the bridged wireless and lan port etc. So it occurred to me maybe eth1 was simply an alias of eth0 in that version I honestly did not spend a lot of time using it on the yun, just using it for testing openwrt config and an isolated mosquitto server

so it could be something I did in my config, rather than eth1 being the default interface name.

I was hoping for an erase settings option when doing the upgrade from luci but it just went straight into flashing.

One other thing is that the single ethernet port on the yun now defaults to being a static ip address instead of a dhcp client.

Basically the Yun is a special case, only one lan port and wifi, though perhaps the chipset has 2 lan ports but yun only implemented 1.

Basically before doing a Yun update load up the arduino sketch YunSerialTerminal.ino and make sure you have comms from arduino to the atheros linux side using the usb port and that you can use vi to edit the config files.

OK, so just upgraded another old router from same version, which was 19.07, and there is an erase settings checkbox, so my mistake missing that somehow. All went smoothly in the latest upgrade.

As I recall I did test eth0 on 19.07 on the yun and it did not work so I think you have had a paradigm shift on that one, at least certainly the eth1 option does not exist anymore in 21 series on the yun.

Still amazing how good the yun is, running an internet radio stream and half a dozen other clients solid. The radio antenna is just not so good basically for any range and wireless spectrum flooded area, but then it only draws about 5-10 watts at the power source so very good on that aspect. Also amazing fully functioning linux can be crammed into so little space, possibly the pinnacle of linux and paradoxically at the tiny end of the spectrum. Oh Yeah! like only about 10% cpu being used on an old 400mhz cpu eh! Awesome!

Myself I think still a place for such a thing as the yun, basically low wall-wart power draw, so low you can actually run it off a pc usb port, if they were to consider upgrading it then I would add the switch and 4 extra ports and upgrade at least the flash memory to 32mb, the chipset probably ended at 64mb memory??? the atmel side is mil-spec I think! hard to hide a radio antenna from an emp I guess... so maybe an extra advantage of it's existing configuration of little antenna!

I did not mention the name Arduino in this post for anyone blase, they, Arduino (said with an Italian accent no doubt LOL), were possibly the crest of the wave of power to the prole/pleb programmers eh!

Thanks for all the fish!