YouHua WR1200JS wireless driver support / Original firmware

Hi folks,

I have three of these units as dumbaps, YouHua WR1200JS. For the price on aliexpress, it does a good job. The problem, I hated the original firmware, installed openwrt, and for some time now using openwrt wireless speeds are stuck at 250Mbps, due to driver and software offloading issues with the openwrt firmware.

I believe I have located the original firmware HERE. I have uncompressed the image and stored it on my google drive HERE.

I loaded the original firmware via webbreed interface, it loads and boots, but it is all in chinese. From a developer standpoint, could this original firmware be used to work out the MTK wireless driver and software offload issues?

Thank You.

in OpenWrt, did you enable Hardware offloading in the firewall ?


Yes, from the config, no change.