YAmon Using DMZ Split network

Hey guys,

I have a project that I can't figure out.

We have 1 Device that connects us to the internet. On this device I have 2 port that are on two different subnet with specific IP and a mask of /30

In order for my accespoint to deliver internet to my LAN i need to set it to one of two static IP Address.

Right now I have 1 OpenWRT with one static address and one work device with a different static IP Adress for another network.

YAmon is happily installed and working on the openWRT.

What I am trying to do is to have the second "work" device to show up in YAmon as a device. If it was DHCP I would just get it to get an IP from my openWRT device and patch it in any port but since its static im kinda lost.

I have tried to configure a DMZ port for it but its not connecting to the internet, maybe because both of my provider port are physically segregated or because I have no idea how DMZ firewall work

Any suggestion?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am putting finishing touches on a minor update to YAMon will will allow you to collected data from two different interfaces (i.e., main network (br-lan) and guest network (br-guest)). Hopefully this'll help with your situation.

I'll post an update when it is available.


I said I'd post an update... see YAMon 3.4.8 is available