YAMon destroys my internet connection

I have been running YAmon for a while since last year and it all seemed great. I have family members that have been whining from time to time about our connection being ropey. This seemed to get really bad over the past month and I noticed websites would not respond but did if one hit F5 three or four times.

I did some investigating and disabled some services such as my ipv6 tunnel. Rebooting the router gave some temporary resolve, so also I had the ISP run tests on my line.

But the only thing that helped was killing YAMon.

With YAMon not running my connection works great and all users are smiley and happy :slight_smile:

So I ran some ping tests over a couple of days:


You can clearly see the times where YAMon was running.

I updated YAMon to 3.4.5 (was on 3.4.4) but it made no difference (the second spike in the image is 3.4.5). I think that I updated to 3.4.4 about a month ago and that's when things went bad, but I can't recall exactly if/when I did that. But it's clear from my testing, and the graph, that running YAMon destroys my internet connection.

Please, I really would like to run YAMon, is there anything that I can do to fix this?

I have a BT Home Hub 5 Type A which is running LEDE 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d


Yikes! I've not had any other reports of this...
Can you send your config.file (by default in /opt/YAMon3/) to me at questions@usage-monitoring.com? I could be that one of your settings is off. Or try looking at http://usage-monitoring.com/help/?t=sever-load... does that help at all?

Do you have a high-speed USB drive plugged into your router? Some users have said that helps a lot.