YAMon 3.4.6 and virtual MAC addresses

I'm setting up an OpenWRT router running YAMon 3.4.7. I had too many problems trying to use version 4 and everyone seems to say that 3.4.7 is the most stable. The problem that I am running into is that new devices keep appearing in the Devices tab. The devices show up as unknown and have MAC addresses that appear to be virtual because looking them up produces no result for the vendor. I found that my phone for example has a setting to use a virtual MAC address or the actual MAC address of the phone. If set for a virtual MAC address, a new device is created, every time I reconnect to the network. Despite the obvious solution of setting the device to use the physical MAC address, how do I keep it from constantly building new device entries? I have some devices doing it, but I can't even tell what devices they are.

Any help would be appreciated.